Archived Strains

Archived Hemp Strains


The following represents phenotypes that we have carried in the past, and are no longer available.  If you have questions about a particular phenotype, or finding something similar, please feel free to contact us.

Trimmed Hemp Flower

Previously Offered

Flower Categories

Category 1

Presented as our most value-conscious floral material, these carefully sifted and sorted top kolas balance affordability with quality while ensuring consumer satisfaction with pleasant aroma and attractive appearance.

Category 2

Amongst our country’s very best field grown flowers, these varieties of Hemp Cannabis have been expertly cultivated and carefully handled, resulting in superior olfactory and aesthetic properties that define this category as the ‘cream of the crop’.

Category 3

Varietals classified within this category have either been horticulturally cultivated in greenhouse conditions or are of particular botanical rarity and interest. CBG/CBC/CBE dominant and boutique CBD strains appeal to the sophisticated consumer tuned in to emerging trends.

Category 4

Comprised of only masterfully and lovingly produced indoor grown flowers, the strains within this category have no peer and are well suited for the most demanding of applications- including medical and scientific- due to the adamantine dependability regarding the highest levels of quantitative and qualitative presentation for your supply chain needs.

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If you’re looking for the premium, trimmed hemp flower phenotypes that are currently being offered, please visit our Product page.