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Setting the standard for sustainable business relationships in the hemp sales & services industry

Creating Valuable Relationships

Our focus is and has always been to create a framework of trusted friendships with the industry’s most reliable hemp buyers, sellers, and service providers.  The transparent approach that we represent allows us to offer the industry’s best pricing, consistent supply, and reliable supply chain logistics.  A network of friendships, based on trust, has allowed us to grow in ways we never thought possible.

Exemplary Quality Control

Compliance & Transparency

Client-Focused Systems

Secured, Insured & Assured Supply

Products & Services

We believe it is in our best interest to see our customers’ businesses succeed, offering products, services, and industry connections that are tailored to conscientiously facilitating that success

Raw & Processed

Hemp Material

Premium, Trimmed Hemp Flower

We offer premium trimmed hemp flower at the best prices available with multiple strains in stock.

Raw, Untrimmed Hemp

Ideal for cooking in its raw form, hemp flower with excess plant matter, such as stems and leaves, can be a great option for oils and cooking butter and is usually a less expensive option.

High-quality Hemp Biomass

Our high-quality hemp biomass is dried plant matter that can be used for the production of refined hemp products such as CBD oil, distillate and isolate, textiles, hemp plastics, fuel, and more.

Oils, Isolate & Other Derivatives

We offer wholesale pricing on the industry’s highest-quality hemp-derived materials, with trusted relationships yielding the absolute best volume pricing on everything from oils to isolate.

Business & Agricultural


Indoor / Outdoor Best Practices

Our support allows you to feel well-informed and fully equipped to prepare for and navigate your indoor or outdoor crop. We are your expert resource for questions regarding genetics, soil amendment, crop rotation, pest and disease management, planting, irrigation, fertilization, and harvesting.

Yield Maximization Strategy

We maximize revenue or profits with a variable pricing strategy to ensure you receive the best price for your product.

Fair Market Valuation

We calculate the fair market value of your product using (website for pricing) as well as a network of buyers in various areas of the industry.

Supply Chain Contracts

Our network of reliable relationships gives our customers access to the largest supply of market-ready hemp and hemp-derived products in the business.  We work with our customers to create sustainable supply chain contracts that allow for best pricing, consistent forecasting, and healthy supply chains.

Sustainable Processes

Reputation Built On

Trust & Loyalty

100% Trackable

Systems & Technology

Deep, Mutually Beneficial

Industry Network

Incomparable, Passionate

Cannabis Experience

Common Questions

What sort of volume am I able to purchase?

After a purchase agreement is signed, we supply anywhere from one pound of product to 50,000lb per month of product to qualified buyers.  Tiered, volume purchase discounts are available.

How much do you charge for a pound of hemp flower?

Our number one goal is to provide the best pricing on the highest quality product possible.  With that in mind, there are many factors that affect the price of a pound of hemp flower, including:  volume, grow methods, presentation quality (smell/visual appeal), among other factors.

See current pricing and inventory

Do you offer samples before I commit to a purchase?

Qualified buyers can opt to receive up to a one ounce sample of the product they wish to purchase, after all purchase criteria is met.  Please contact us for additional product sample details.

What sort of products do you sell?

Elite Foundation offers and sources everything from very specific hemp-derived oils to fully sourced hemp flower and biomass.   Through partnerships with multiple lab facilities, long-term agreements, and long-standing relationships with conscientious farmers, we are able to represent the best pricing available on the industry’s broadest inventory of hemp-related products.

Are there discounts for high-volume purchases?

Yes.  Our pricing model is based on volume tiers, with each tier allowing for better pricing.  Our model is based on the cultivation of systems-supported, symbiotic relationships with our customers, providing exceptional products at fair prices.

What kinds of phenotypes do you offer?

We offer a wide array of phenotypes, based heavily on our extensive sourcing and thorough vetting processes.  Once connected with a purchase coordinator, our customers receive access to our complete product inventory and the best possible pricing.  If you’re looking for a particular strain, our coordinators have the ability to locate and acquire any of literally hundreds of varying strains using our broad framework of farm relationships. 

We aim to serve our clients by sourcing and supplying reliable products of the highest-grade, catering to our clients’ needs through any means necessary.

Feel free to browse our current inventory

Are there any requirements that I need to satisfy in order to make a purchase?

We verify our customers through a series of policy-driven methods, performing a series of checks to ensure that long-term, trustworthy relationships remain the foundation of our customer base.

Further Together

Our Pursuit of spreading the use and allocation of high quality hemp product is based in our first hand experience and the science that supports the medicinal and health related benefits of hemp.

As contemporary medicine continues to unveil these invaluable properties, We are creating a network of ethical and federally compliant farmers and service providers for the millions of people actively using these products.

Beyond health and wellness we believe in the reintegration of this ancient plant into modern society as a tool for creating sustainable building and manufacturing materials. Materials that will lead to innovation and job creation for communities in the United States and across the globe.

Lets work together to build a community and benefit the well being of all people.